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    The Most Sustainable Way to Deliver Deep Pressure
    for your clients or your loved ones
    - Japanese Style -

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  • Sokssage
    (Soku=foot in Japanese / Socks-on Massage)

    A better, faster, easier, more effective delivery method.


    No more awkward pushing and pressing. Mostly leaning in, and stepping in, letting gravity do the work. Even into the thickest muscles.

    Easy on Joints

    The joints in the legs and feet can handle more load than shoulder, elbows and hands.


    Up to your bodyweight in response to the "Give me more pressure" requests, without getting injured.
  • Sokssage Bodywork Client's Voice

    How "Sokssage" is Perceived

    Bert C.

    CPA, CEO
    Mitsuko is amazing and has the right "touch" for everything. Don't be put off by her foot techniques: they bring unique pressure to those tight joints and blocked nerve routes.

    Joe N.

    Holistic Seeker
    I appreciated the focus and strength of Sokssage. It was one of the finest I have ever received. I look forward to requesting your treatments as a part of my self-care path.

    Stacey H.

    Nurse Practitioner
    Mitsuko's massages are a meditative experience as well as restorative. She works my muscles in a deep and thorough way and is very responsive to my body's feedback. She is an open person who knows her craft very well. I always leave feeling completely wonderful."

    Lee W.

    Mom & Grandma
    I just had the best massage. She really gets into those twisted muscles and smooths them out. She really helps move "stuck" energy."

    Valerie G.

    Art Teacher
    After Mitsuko talked to me and evaluated my physical issues she felt that Sokssage would be the best approach for me. She applied pressure on my back and neck while sitting in a chair or leaning on a cane for support. I had no idea that someone’s feet could be so sensitive. I’ve had many massages in the past and often the therapist wants to apply pressure on my trigger points until the muscle hurts. Unfortunately, this approach has not worked for me and my scoliosis; I’ve walked away from these massage experiences feeling sore and not particularly relaxed. What Mitsuko did with her feet amazed me. I could feel tension dissipating. It has been a long time since my shoulders felt like they could move more easily and I didn’t wake up with a headache. The massage I received from Mitsuko was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. It was sensitive, thoughtful, and effective and, last but not least, pleasurable. Afterwards I felt like I had experienced both a physical and a spiritual massage.

    Christina K.

    I have been a lover of massage for many years and I have to say Sokssage was by far the BEST massage I have ever received. I have extremely deep tissue trigger points and after even the best Deep Tissue Massages after 2 days, I can usually feel the knots and trigger points again in my muscles. It's clear Mitsuko wants the best for her clients. We talked about my problem areas and she focused on those and really work them out. Mitsuko's massage was amazing and after a week I have minimal to no knots in my upper body.

    Dana Y.

    Spiritual Healer,
    Life Coach
    I've received a lot of deep tissue and neuromuscular work over the years and can tell the difference between a therapist who is really tuned into what the body needs therapeutically versus one who has confused "deep tissue" with simply applying a lot of pressure to release trigger points and fascia. Mitsuko's work can be intense, but very precise. I'm impressed in her ability to pick up on areas that require attention, but is mindful to not go beyond your comfort level. 
    I really enjoy Sokssage because Mitsuko can easily work on large muscle groups leveraging her feet and legs. 
    Mitsuko is a caring and compassionate healer. I appreciate her interest in helping educate me on how to care for myself to maintain optimal functioning, especially since my issues are chronic. 

    Chris C.

    SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapist
    Incredible! Mitsuko clearly has a gift for healing. Coming in with pain in my right arm, she quickly assessed the root cause and gave it the attention it needed. Days later and I'm still pain free! The whole experience was wonderful! Influenced from different styles of bodywork and blending it into her own unique method, Mitsuko works her way through the body using techniques that not only feel amazing but are therapeutic and healing. Do yourself a favor and experience this!
  • About Sokssage

    In Asian countries (at least) children have walked on their elders back, for a good practical reason.
    Here in the US it might appear and feel strange initially, however I hope you can see the benefits and get past the emotional barrier. DeeperWork, Ashiatsu, Fijian Massage are based on the same philosophy and are worth the try. If you are looking to receive deep work, search for key words such as the ones mentioned above (... and/or consider acupuncture, as the needles can go straight into the core of where you need the knots to be released.) If you are a bodyworker that is seeking ways to be more effective as well as extend your career by incorporating methods such as these, please join the wait list for future training opportunities. Not just your recipient, but your own body will also thank you.
    Good for clients, good for therapist, good all around.
    (If you are ready to explore more of the emotional root and stress as possible causes that leads to deep seated tension in our bodies, consider checking out Tapping and other psychosensory tools for healing and growth.)

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